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Monday, May 13, 2019 iCloud Full Backup can backup unlimited files to iCloud without wifi with 1-5Gbps How To Encrypt iPhone Text Messages & Mms Using OTP to Safeguard Your Privacy ★#How To Encrypt iPhone Text Messages & Mms Using OTP to Safeguard Your Privacy★ Protecting your private data can be a huge challenge. Text messages, call logs and other data stored in your iPhone that could be used to identity or financial theft. It is important to encrypt your iPhone so that no one can access your private data. Apple does have it in a very convenient way with its new iOS 12. We all know that the new iOS 11 also offers the iCloud backup feature which is amazing. But it doesn't encrypt your data and data stored on your iPhone with iCloud is highly sensitive and your privacy is at stake. There is a way to encrypt your iPhone data which is very easy to use. All you need is a text message or OTP. This is very useful if you lose your iPhone or want to prevent someone from accessing your private data. Apple's new iOS 12 offers the ability to use a Personal Identification Number (PIN) as a second step to log into your iCloud account. To make it easy for people to log into their iCloud accounts, Apple includes a new "Sign In with Apple" feature that uses either Face ID, Touch ID or a PIN. It is a good practice to use a PIN rather than a simple 4-digit number for security reasons. A PIN is more difficult to guess and you get used to memorizing it, rather than the standard 4-digit code. To enable this new feature on your iPhone, it first requires to enable the “Sign In with Apple” and then go to iCloud’s Security and Privacy settings. The system will ask to confirm whether to store your PIN and then you can finally use this feature on your iPhone. PIN protection is great, but there are some concerns. There's a known problem with the security of a 4-digit PIN. A hacker can still easily guess the PIN based on the pattern of digits in your PIN, if you've set a simple PIN such as 12345. You can




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